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I am a staff research scientist in the Brain group at Google. Prior to this position I was a visiting scholar in Surya Ganguli's lab at Stanford University, and an academic resident at Khan Academy.  I earned my PhD in 2012 in the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at UC Berkeley, in Bruno Olshausen's lab. Prior to my PhD, I worked on Mars.

Research Interests

I am interested in unsupervised learning, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.  Most of my projects involve working with intractable probabilistic models using concepts from dynamical systems and statistical physics.  This ranges from using Ising models to uncover functional connectivity in the brain, to developing new ways of defining probability distributions in terms of diffusion processes.  You can find brief descriptions of several current and recent projects on the Research Projects page.

I strongly support reproducible science, and you can find code implementing algorithms and reproducing figures from several of my publications on the Code page.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV is available here (March 30, 2015).